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Authentic & Convenient

Enjoy fresh and vibrant flavors of Greece with IRIS Mezze, a delivery experience curated by Chef John Fraser.

Inspired by the streets and aromatic food stalls of the Eastern Mediterranean, IRIS Mezze brings the essence of this ancient region to your doorstep. 

We provide healthy, seasonal, and accessible Greek cuisine to everyone, no matter how busy your lifestyle may be.

Chef John Fraser

Restaurateur & Chef John Fraser made his mark on the culinary landscape by redefining the role of vegetables in American cuisine. Born & raised in Los Angeles, he draws inspiration from his Mediterranean roots and the vegetable-forward California cuisine he grew up around. In 2007, he went from chef to restaurateur with a vision to create the entire hospitality experience, establishing JF Restaurants. Today, a leader in the hospitality industry, Chef John has restaurants across New York City, Long Island, Tampa, Los Angeles, and now Boston. He is the recipient of critical culinary acclaim and has received Michelin stars for 3 restaurants.